Buffy Shirley-Beavan

Qualified as a vet some years ago - longer than she looks. After 5 years working in south Gloucestershire she set up her plate as a solo trader at Nigel Twiston- Davies’s yard with a £3000 loan from Nigel. Things went well and now as Summerhill Equine Vets, Buffy has a partner in the business Tim Beauregard, four other great vets, soon to be 7 in total with 3 angels and 3 in the office plus our lab team, Tim and H all working together as the Summerhill Dream Team.


Buffy has worked at the top level of jump and flat racing, eventing, polo, dressage and show jumping. Each discipline brings something to the table that enhances what we do across the board in our endeavour to help horse people of all types achieve the best they can with the horses in their care. Basic nutrition and MOT checks to maintain a horse pain free and well muscled form our daily bread and butter and we never stop learning and trying to do our job that bit better.


Tim Beauregard

Kiwi Tim was taken on after a 3 day interview session back in 2004 and proved his liver capacity against the best of the Cotswolds.  Having drunk himself sober he now can be found behind a desk or less frequently under it.  Horse-side he is still willing and able and loves a good gastroscopy session.

Kevin Bishop

Kevin having graduated with a degree in Equine Science then went on to complete his veterinary degree at Szent Istvan University Budapest, graduating in 2011. Kevin has worked exclusively in equine practice since graduating, a year in the Home Counties followed by two stud seasons with Rossdales at Newmarket before joining the practice in 2014

Kevin’s main interests are in racehorse and performance horse medicine, and also carries out much of the dental and stud work for the practice. When not at work Kevin spends his time either riding out or more often mucking out for his wife Emma who trains NH horses locally.



Emma Marecki

Emma grew up around horses learning different disciplines from eventing, to polo and barrel racing. After qualifying from the Royal Veterinary College, Emma travelled to Nicaragua to work with an equine veterinary charity treating local horses. She then undertook an internship before staying on as an ambulatory and in-house vet at Towcester. Emma then joined the Summerhill Equine team in 2018.


Steve Walsh

Steve grew up in the west of Ireland.  His family produced hunt and sport horses.  He was once a keen event rider and represented Ireland at a European Pony Championships. He graduated from university in Budapest in 2015.  He then completed an internship in New Jersey and Florida at BW Furlong and Associates.  Dr Furlong has been team vet for the USA 3 day eventing team at several Olympic Games.


Since moving to the UK he has worked mainly with sport horses and his particular interest is poor performance in the sport horse.